Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Music Video Research- Sven E Carlson- Kasabian LSF

Sven E Carlson believes that music videos fall into two categories, performance clips and conceptual clips. A performance clips are images of the artist/s singing or dancing, when something else is shown during the duration it is a conceptual clip. In Kasabian's music video there is a mix of performance clips and conceptual clips this would be known as a standard clip.
Carlson also says artists will be one or a combination of the three "modern mythic characters" which are commercial exhibitionist, television bard or electronic shaman. In LSF, the artists embody the television bard as they are singing storytellers who use on screen images to tell the story as well. It could be suggested that they are electronic shamans as well as the lyrics don't always makes sense, the singer may have done this to suggest a more spiritual meaning to the song.
He also says that movements are synchronised to the beat, for example in this video the door is being rammed in time to the drums beat.

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