Thursday, 29 September 2011

Music Video Research: Video 3- Kasabian, LSF

There is no specific image that goes with the chorus or verses as the performance and narrative are linked. However the music and narrative are strongly linked when the drum beat matches when the prisoners ram the door. We see the story pretty much all the way through, from the start of the song to when they break out. We do not see why the prisoners are there but it is suggested from the song lyrics as they involve drugs and prostitutes.

The star is presenting a "rebel" look as his clothes are very casual showing the band are not "preppy". Also their attitudes and actions during the narrative show they are rebels. The use of close ups during the narrative suggest the audience should sympathise with the prisoners and the band this links with the lyrics as we are supposed to sympathise with them "we've got our backs to the wall" and possibly idolise the band. The location of the video links with the lyrics as well, as the song refers to drugs, bomb and prostitutes.
Andrew Goodwin would say this video is amplified as it is linked to the song but does not act out every line. The video is suggestive to the lyrics, suggesting the women are in prison because of drugs and prostitution however we still sympathise with them.

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