Friday, 7 October 2011

Creativity- Planning

We decided to put different backing music to the same piece of film to see the effect it has on the clip.
We walked around college and took photos of anything we liked or thought looked good. We then played around on photoshop with colours, layering and warping/sizing of photos.

Creativity is when you create something new from an idea in your head or using inspiration around you. It is not having nay boundaries when you are creating something.
You can be more creative by having more fun and looking at the world in a fun way. You can also be more creative if you take away any boundaries and think "outside the box".
Creativity comes from many different places, it could be a random idea that popped into your head or it could be something old that you have changed or a series of ideas put together. Inspiration is very important for creativity because you can use anything  to create something completely different depending on how you look at things. 
Creativity is very important when creating a media production because you want your media production to be completely new and interesting. You can be very creative when using music for a media production because everybody sees and hears different things in songs. One person might hear the riff, one the beat and one the lyrics and these different things inspire different ideas from that person.

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