Thursday, 23 February 2012

Evaluation: Question 3

What have you learned from your audience feedback?

I filmed two members of the target audience after they had watched the music video and seen the digipak.

Overall, they understood that it was aimed at "indie" audience. They also understood the narrative side of the video and saw it was filmed at a live gig. They said they would share the video with their friends because they thought the band had potential and would share the video through facebook, which is useful as the target audience use facebook. They understood it was indie due to the live gig. If they had to change one thing they would keep the effects the same throughout the video including the narrative. They liked the black and white and other effects but did not like that it was too dark sometimes and thought the lighting should be higher. They would go to a gig as they liked then band and thought the video reminded them of other indie videos.
They understood the digipak was also indie due to the appearance of the band and how they put themselves across. Also, they said it reminded them of other indie digipaks/albums they have seen. They thought the digipak fitted with the video as the location was the same and they both followed indie conventions. They liked that the photos had a natural colour scheme but did not like that you couldn't see all of the photos on the panel of snapshots. If they could change something they would make the main title bigger so it stood out more, this could be useful as it would draw more attention to the title therefore focusing more on the music.
I think they have been directly effected by this video as they would go to a gig and share the video with their friends which suggests they would use this product socially. They have had a preferred reading as they understood the values put across to them and understood the genre.

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