Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Research: Audience Theory

Morley says that audiences aren't just passively affected by a text but that they also are actively involved in reading a text. According to Morley audiences can have a preferred reading where they understand and accept the values expressed, a neogiated reading reading where they understand and relate the values expressed with their experiences and interests. They might also have an oppositional reading where they understand the values but do not accept them, or they might have an aberrant reading where they do not understand the values expressed. 
I think the target audience will have a preferred reading of the music video. They will understand the story of the song and enjoy the performance scene because they can relate to both. We will encourage the target audience to take a preferred reading by showing relevance to other indie bands and older rock n roll bands. An indie fan that also likes other music would probably take a neogiated reading as they can relate what they see to what they like. An emo audience might take an oppositional reading as they prefer a darker theme. A mainstream audience might also have an oppositional reading or possibly an aberrant reading. 

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