Monday, 7 November 2011

Digipak Print Research 2- Beady Eye, Different Gear Still Speeding (need photo)

The image on the front of this digipak is a small girl riding a crocodile, this image is quite disjunctive to the title. The image looks like an old image as it is quite washed out with a natural colouring. It also has the style of an old record with the "NEW" sticker and old style record label sign. This could be because the target audience will associate themselves with old music which was the starting point of indie rock such as the Who, the Beatles etc. In the bottom corner upside down in handwriting is the phrase "The Dreamers of Dreams" this again could be a link to the lifestyle of indie rock artists as it is a quite psychedelic and "trippy" phrase. The back of the digipak is a photo of the band that looks old, washed out and bad pixels. Again this follows the old design of the digipak and follows the genre's layout of a quirky picture on the front to gain the attention of the audience then more focused on the music on the back where the track listings are. Inside the digipak, going through all three panes is the title written in different fonts and using the "MOD" colours (red, blue and white). The digipak  follows the genre design as it uses natural colouring with a strange picture on the front and focuses on the music on the back. Their isn't much of a star image, they focus on the music however the photo on the back creates a small star image of the band.
Throughout the digipak there are many different fonts, this keeps the digipak "busy", different and interesting. The layout follows the style of an old record. This follows the genre layout with the quirky photo on the front and music focus on the back. The star image is created slightly with the photo on the back but this still shows the focus is on the music and not the star.
The details on the digipak are the bar code, copyright, record company details, website and details on the Bonus DVD.
This digipak would appeal to the target audience because the strange image would attract them and the quirkiness and old style of the layout would appeal to them as they would associate it with old "legend" bands and the different font would keep the digipak interesting and trippy.
This digipak is quite entropic which is appropriate to the target audience as they like being different and indie.
Although many people now buy digital copies it is important to have an appealing digipak in indie rock because many fans like to have a hard copy to show they are loyal fans. Also the target audience includes older people who prefer hard copies of the music especially as Beady Eye is mainly famous because it is Liam Gallagher's band who is famous for Oasis.

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